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About UMSHA Publishing Group

MAADRayan Communication & Information Technology Company (maadrayan.com) 
IT Partner 
Mr. Gholamreza Khosravi, CEO, and his team at MAADRayan are responsible for development and maintenance of the Press Manuscript Online, the integrated online submission system and website for journals of the Publishing Group at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. This company also provides full-text XML production solutions as well as full-text HTML and PDF production services. 

Office of Vice Chancellor for Research & Technology
Hamadan University of Medical Sciences 
Shahid Fahmide St. 
Telephone: +98 81 38381795
E-mail: journals@msha.ac.ir



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About me

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abriz University of Medical Sciences Central Library Building on Tabriz University Campus
Daneshgah St.

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